Unmasked History of Scooby Doo Episode 15: Victor Cook

In the fourth and final episode of September’s Mystery Incorporated themed month, Alexa speaks with director/producer Victor Cook. Victor also worked on the direct to video special episodes on the 13 Spooky Tales DVD releases, and the 2013 movie Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright.

Highlights of this episode include:

1- Victor’s path from wanting to be a print cartoonist, to directing in animation.

2- How Victor came to work on Mystery Incorporated, and his experience on the show.

3- Chatting about not only Mystery Incorporated, but also the direct to video specials, and Stage Fright.

Make sure to listen to the episode above! Or you can read a transcript of the interview here.

If you want to follow Victor, you can find him on Twitter, @Victor_Cook1.

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